Monday, February 27

our weekend in 4

this weekend i really tried to do much of nothing. it kind of worked.  we will basically be insanely busy every weekend until the baby comes so i really wanted to soak in the laziness, and apparently laziness doesn't make for great photos. but here is what we did...

1. num. num. num. saturday morning my awesome mom took me out to breakfast at this little french dessert salon and cafe in dotoro (downtown rogers) and then we hit up the mall to do some shopping for my birthday! it was a much needed break from the real world. oh, and those would be cornmeal pancakes with honey butter and nutella....yeah, you might need to wipe that drool off of your keyboard now.

2 & 3. this is hog baseball. and more specifically this is baby petree's first hog baseball game. it was such a great afternoon with friends at the ballpark. perfect weather. hogs won. and any time spent with "the crew" is guaranteed fun.

4. husband and ponca do some gardening. most of sunday was spent doing laundry and other mundane household chores.(it's a glamorous life i know) husband likes spicy no, husband loves spicy things. so this year husband will be growing the hottest peppers in the world. i'm not sure i see this ending well.

so another weekend pre-baby can be marked off the calendar. it's getting so close! we start our 4 week "prepared childbirth" class this week and then the showers and the final push to ready the house are not too far away

how did you spend your weekend?

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