Wednesday, January 13

My New Martha

Hello, blog dolls! I hope 2010 has treated y'all a little better than it has treated me so far, but it can only go up from here! I am going to try and get back on the blog wagon and blog everyday! It is one of my goals for this year anyways. So, I think I will start Design Thursdays. (I mean there isn't a day that starts with D so it might as well be on Thursday, right?) We shall start with my new Martha!
Ok, well maybe it should be my new Candice Olson. Anyways, when we stepped into the 21st century and got digital cable last year I became obsessed with a quirky Canadian named Sarah Richardson. At the time her show was Design Inc.. It was SO refreshing to have a true design show! None of this Trading Spaces garbage. I faithfully watched it every Saturday!

Sarah Richardson

Her next show was aptly named Sarah's House. She bought a house and completely renovated it! It really showed that designers do more than pick out drapes!

A room from the first season of Sarah's House
Check out that light fixture! LOVE IT!

The second season of Sarah's House just wrapped up, and according to her website the next season will be a cottage! I'm excited to see what is in store! Check out her site.