Tuesday, February 28

a giveaway


about a year ago i set up a little design side project called owl good studios. this project came about because the job i was working at the time would not allow you to have any other job--whatsoever. so, i came up with a different name to work under. 

owl good studios is your one stop creative shop -- graphics, printed goods, interiors, i even dabble in some photography. and i use dabble very loosely, i am in know way a real photographer.

with all the life changing events that have been going on over the past year or so, my poor little pet project hasn't been very loved. but i'm really hoping to focus on growing it over the next couple of years! so, with that being said i'm attempting my first giveaway/mini-contest! 

we are currently at 82 "likes" on the old facebook page. if we can get to 100 by march 1st we will give away a set of personalized note cards! what are you waiting for? get over to owl good studios facebook page, hit like and help us reach our goal for the giveaway!

here are some examples of printed goods and a couple of photos:

i would love your support!  happy tuesday!

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