Thursday, February 23

i should never have gotten out of bed

i really was going to do a nice design thursday post today...but then i got out of bed. and pretty much everything went downhill from there.

so that picture right there is of me trying to show you the giant hole in my pants -- that i didn't discover until i got to work. yeah, that's always a fun discovery. especially when you have a lunch meeting to go to. oh, and it's the only pair of work pants you fit into.

oh, and then i go to the lunch meeting only to get out of my car and immediately drop my phone under the car parked next to me. i then proceed to get my 8 months pregnant butt down on the ground, lay on my side, and reach frantically to try and grab my phone. praying i'm not squashing baby petree too much. this was not a pretty site folks. especially with my polka dot underoos on full display through the aforementioned hole in the bum of my pants.

the worst part is that people are walking by me the whole time this is going on. really? you just walk by when you see a very pregnant lady laying on the ground? i'm very concerned about our society today.

but on the bright side it is thursday. which means tomorrow is friday. thank goodness. and now that i have vented, and shown the general public my bum, i feel much better.


  1. Please tell me you're laughing because I'll feel much better if I'm laughing with you instead of at you! Hope your day gets better! :)

  2. Thank you! But of course I'm laughing! I wasn't when I was trying to get back up off the ground in the parking lot, but it's really all good. :)


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