Tuesday, January 31

just desserts


hello, my name is julie petree and i am addicted to desserts.

there, i said it. it's out in the universe. but you know what? i'm totally ok with this addiction! you see, i grew up in a house where you had dessert, or a snack, each and every night. i see nothing wrong with the sweet stuff in moderation (as long as i don't develop diabetes) and as long as you brush your teeth. my only problem with desserts in my house is i never have quite the variety that i want. hello, problem? meet solution.

i am hosting a dessert exchange! 

so here is the skinny on a dessert exchange - everyone brings a dessert. then everyone takes a little bit of each of the desserts home with them. it's that easy and fun!

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, yep, i'm going to go grab a sweet treat to eat now. 


  1. That sounds like such a good time!!


  2. What a cute idea! I have a huge sweet tooth too (I actually just posted about it earlier this week!) xo



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