Wednesday, February 1

random ramblings

dress: old navy; boots: nine west; socks: kohl's 
--it's the first day of february and the high is supposed to be around 63 today. (that's right, i'm doing weather shtick today) i have decided that if i'm not going to get my precious snow days then i'm ready for winter to be over and the temps to be like this everyday.

--i read a little article on katherine heigl's rant about the show dance moms. i hadn't seen the show before so i immediately had to check it out since it was apparently the worst ever. wow! she wasn't kidding! that show and the people in it are so far off their rockers and out of touch with reality that it isn't even funny. and the poor kids! isn't anybody thinking about these poor children? no, b/c as long as the moms get their drama and part of the spotlight then all is right in their world. it's messed up people.

--what is up with pregnancy dreams? can i just tell you a little about one i had? you might want to get a good cuppa and curl up for this one. ok, so i dreamed that i went to the doctor and he informed me i wasn't pregnant, but rather i had a giant tumor. he then cut me open, while i was awake, and inside the tumor was a litter of kittens. the doctor looked at me and said, "oh, ok. i know what is going on now. have you eaten chinese food lately? sometimes they cook with cat food and your body then produces a litter of kittens to eat it." -- ok, seriously? how weird is that?

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