Monday, January 30

our weekend in 9 (aka - no judgement)

this weekend i ate. and ate. and ate some more. seriously.

and husband was so nice and didn't say a word about it. ok, well maybe he snuck in a few words about it but can you blame him? do you see what i ate?

1. lazy saturday morning. it was lovely. ponca, however, was not thrilled with the laziness and insisted on going outside every 20 minutes. and of course showcased in the background is a nightstand with all the essentials on it: box of kleenex, water, flashlight (you never know when the power will go out at night), and key fob for the alarm. husband is very prepared.

2. one for the money. ok, i'm not gonna lie. this movie was a bit of a letdown. i mean, i know a lot of movies based on books never compare to the books but i didn't even think this movie was that great on its own. i mean it was so jumpy and they left out so much of the humor and sexual tension from the books. i would say it is most definitely a renter. on a brighter side, my popcorn and dr. pepper treat were amazeballs!

3.perfectly pesto. oh yes, it was so good! and no, that beer is not mine.

4. blissful. husband loves me, folks. he really, really loves me. i could probably eat my weight in strawberry bliss and red razorback cupcakes from bliss cupcakes. i think that is two weekends in a row i have had those cupcakes and i wouldn't mind having some more next weekend. if you are ever down near bliss and thinking of me feel free to grab me a cupcake. you will definitely earn yourself a favorite person of the week award. and perhaps even a mention on the blog.

5. protein and iron. yes, i'm blaming my current obsession with burgers on my baby. i need protein and iron, folks! who am i to deny this lovely child inside of me all of the nutrients she needs! since there is only one hugo's and they aren't open on sundays i took the second best option - five guys.

6. working man. husband worked around the house all day on sunday. he was knocking stuff off the must-get-done-before-the-baby-shower-list like crazy! he is truly amazing.

7, 8, 9. and she bakes, folks. while husband worked around the house, i worked in the kitchen. a friend's birthday is this week and i was working on a test run of a special treat for her! i call them - elvis balls.

and so another weekend has come and gone. as always, they are way too short. how did you spend your weekend?

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  1. Just stumbled upon your blog : ) Super cute! Sounds like a perfect weekend to me : ) Movies, yummy food, cupcakes, cake balls - amazing. I feel the same way about cupcakes. We have an amazing place right down the street, and even though my husband works closer to our house than the cupcake place (he works 5 min away, the place is about 10), I always keep hope alive he will run by there "on his way" and pick up some cupcakes : ) Good luck with your before-the-baby-shower list!



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