Thursday, January 12

design thursday - background

i actually went to school for interior design. no-- seriously-- i did. i even graduated with a bachelor of  interior design.  right about the time i graduated is when the economy decided to tank. a lot of local design firms were downsizing and some didn't make it -- closing all together.

i was lucky to find a job in the commercial design field, working on remodels of a big box store. needless to say i found it a tad-bit stifling creatively and soon found myself with a constant case of the monday's. however, a year and a half into that job i was able to find another design position at a different firm. or so i thought. this position was a graphic design job masquarding as an interior design job. it wasn't a terrible job, but the economy reared it's ugly head again and i was soon laid off.

so, there i was. almost three years into the "real world" and the field in which i had gotten a degree had left a bad taste in my mouth.

now, another year later and i'm ready to climb back on that horse. well, maybe not quite ready for the horse. perhaps i'll start out with a mini-pony or a carrousel horse?  anyways, i'm ready to take baby steps to get back in the design field. so, look for more frequent design thursday posts and if you, or anybody you know, would like some design help (interior or graphic) let me know!

don't worry, i didn't forget about the sneak peek of the nursery. that will come tonight.  happy design thursday, y'all!

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