Tuesday, January 10

you know it's love

it's getting big, folks. real big.

sleeping has become quite the challenge. the belly button is about to pop. and the back hurts...constantly. and the kicker (pun intended) is i haven't even hit the roughest patch yet.

yet despite all of the whining that i do, i am so in love with this little girl already. she has significantly and undoubtedly changed our lives for the better and she hasn't even taken her first breath.

it is funny how, from the minute you pee on that magic stick, your whole life changes. it is no longer about that new pair of shoes, that raging party this weekend, or that deadline you should really pull an all nighter for at work. nope, it instantaneously becomes about protecting that life and providing the best environment for it.

and so far she has paid me back by practicing to be a cirque de soliel performer around 2 am, making my face break out worse than a twelve year old boy, making me fall asleep during at least two conference calls, making me walk in to countless walls and doorways, making me frantically search for my phone so i can leave the house...then realize i'm talking on it, making me pass out during my non-stress test, making my body produce gas that puts my husband's to shame, and her latest trick of locating my bladder to use as a soccer ball.

she is so worth all of that and much more.

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