Monday, January 16

the bones of baby petree's nursery part 1

for baby petree's nursery i wanted something that would grow with her and not be too themeish, too girly, or too baby. i also knew i wanted a space that would be a a good base for my ever changing design tastes. {please note this is not a step-by-step of my actual design process- it has been edited for content and formatted to fit for blogging :)}

so, i started by sketching out some ideas...

then, i found some great labor! we measured, we made several trips to the depot and then we painted.

while the painting was taking place in the nursery. outside in the garage, there was a lot of cutting going on to prepare for the next step. installing the wainscoting.

ok, i don't want to overwhelm you so the rest will be put into part 2. Happy Monday!

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