Thursday, July 23

there is no place like home

Well, we have been in our house for two months now and are starting to make it our home. Tony was so happy when I told him I no longer wanted a "fixer upper". Little did he know we would still spend every weekend working on our house. So far we have painted the bathroom and the living room. I think they are looking pretty good!

I am loving the green!!!! I can't wait to get the graphic painted on the wall!
The living room is pumpkin pie! It was a dangerous decision and a bold choice, but I love it! (excuse the poor lighting ={ )

I know what you are thinking. "This girl has been there for two months and that is what it looks like?" I am having an issue with not wanting everything to be too "Target summer collection 2009" or having that feeling that you just walked in to a certain store. So, I like to say that it is coming along "organically" . It will all get done eventually. I 'm pretty sure we can pull off a housewarming party next year! =}
I'm not sure what this weekend will bring, but I'm sure it will be fun!

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