Thursday, March 1

design thursday: baby petree's nursery fabrics

guess what! the custom drapes and crib skirt for baby petree are in!!! and i could not be happier with the results! i know the pictures don't do it justice, but i was pressed for time and my iphone was just so handy vs. walking 10 steps for the real camera! i promise more pictures (with the real camera) when we get a little further along.

1. i started off with an inspiration picture of the kind of crib skirt i wanted and then did a drawing for the curtains. then it was time to shop for fabrics. and shop some more. and maybe just a bit more. but we found the right stuff, baby!

2. the next shot is of me putting everything together in one spot to see what it will look like.

3. & 4. the finished goods are in!

5. the curtains are hung with care.

6. husband holds up the crib skirt to try and picture what it will look like.

7. i was trying to get a good shot of the floor, ceiling, and curtains....the lighting was not working for me.

they look really amazing in person! a lady name shana down at the rabbit's lair did all the sewing. if you have any custom projects you need done i would highly recommend her.

i'm hoping that the ceiling will be all finished up next week so i can get some good pics of it and do a "how to" post on striped ceilings on a textured surface. hear that husband? the ceiling is calling your name to finish it. it would like its time in the spotlight next week. :)

happy thursday, dear readers!


  1. Hi there!

    I LOVE your fabric and can't wait to see the rest of your nursery photos!

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    Thanks and best wishes,

    1. Thanks, Jan! I have sent you an email. :)


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