Wednesday, March 28


when you have a vision for a photo shoot and one of your best friends happens to take awesome photos and doesn't mind you co-directing the shoot. (most photogs tend to get a little uppity about stuff like that)

after our second shower this weekend we had a semi-maternity shoot. i say semi because it wasn't as belly-centric as most maternity shoots. most maternity shoots just aren't my style. i know what i want. i have a vision. i also happen to have another half of my brain, my friend da, who i know just loves to work with my visions.

so on sunday morning we got up way before anyone should be up, trekked it down to fayetteville, got some donuts, and headed to the park to set up a "picnic" before the sun was up. it was chilly. it was damp. husband confirmed his status has quite possibly the most awkward person ever in front of a camera...and i fall close behind. but we had a blast.

here are a couple of pics from the shower to entertain yourselves with.

only 3.5 weeks until baby petree is set to make her grand entrance! we shall see if i make it that far. none of the hens seem to think i'll make it.

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