Saturday, August 15

life as of late

Where to start? Where to start...

The past week has been pretty eventful. On Saturday night I went to a play with my Grandmother. We went to The Rogers Little Theater to see "The Music Man". It wasn't half bad.

I love going to plays. I will always be a theater geek at heart. I am after all an honor thespian. I have been involved in theater since I took my first acting class in fifth grade (1995). I was instantly hooked! I did theater throughout jr. high and high school. When I started college it seemed like life just got too busy for it. I miss it so! Maybe one day soon I can make a little time for it.

On Sunday Tony and I headed west to Tulsa, Oklahoma for the day. You just have to get out of town every now and then, ya know? We had a lot of fun. I just love spending time with him. You would think after five years that yearning would fade, but it hasn't!

On Monday we got a new addition to the family!! A three month old black lab named Ponca. We already have one dog child named Ozark. I'll try and do a little post on them sometime this week.
Here is a picture of Ponca!!

Anyways, I'm trying to get better about remembering I have a camera that works now. Hopefully, I can start capturing more of my life with photographs. Tonight: A lovely traditional Arkansas date consisting of Hugo's for beer and burgers and the demolition derby!! I'm super excited and that always scares me a little!

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