Saturday, August 22

dave tickets, demo derby and house stuff

Wow! What a time I had last weekend. On Saturday I checked the mail to find not only my business cards, but also my tickets for the DMB concert!!! I am such a dork and was so excited I of course had to take pictures with them!

On Saturday night we headed out with the areas finest folks to the 2009 Fall Demo Derby! As usual it was a blast! Tony' s boss drives in it and we have been attending the past couple of years. This year we brought along Tony' s parents and our fabulous friends Cody and Kristine.

Cody and Kristine

"You're so money you don't even know how money you are!"

I have no idea, but I thought I would share with you so you could understand the full extent of my dorkiness.

Fire! Fire!

Sunday it was time to focus on house stuff. I went and found some super cute sconces from Arty Crafty that turned out to be just what I was looking for!

I used food as a lovely bribe so Cody would come over and help Tony rearrange the furniture while Kristine and I gave them orders. I think it is coming together nicely! We got our coffee table and end tables ordered and on the way! Here is a sneak peak at what the arrangement will looks like and pictures of the tables!

(sorry for the bad quality. I can't seem to find my card reader)

This weekend I am going to relax and do as little as possible. I will be gone all week for work so I'm soaking up the home life for now!

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