Thursday, February 9

DIY: Jewelry Board

i don't know about all y'all (oh yes, i just typed that) but i own a fair amount of jewelry. yet, i'm not really sure what i own because it has lived in a giant tangled mess, in a giant cardboard box over the last several (ahem, 5, ahem) years. it's not like i haven't wanted to something with it. i've just never really been sure what to do. i definitely wasn't going out to buy a giant jewelry armoir. and my two jewelry boxes were not enough. so, when husband inherited some lovely peg board a while back i started formulating a plan. 

the plan originally consisted of spray painting a lovely stencil on the pegboard, but it still looked like, well, like pegboard. and that in my bedroom? i think not. so i was back to square one. 

this past weekend we worked in our bedroom instead of in the nursery. we got curtains put up, a new laundry hamper and a dresser moved to make room for the co-sleeper. and then i looked down and the giant cardboard box, we shall call him seymore, was looking up at me. i informed seymore that we had had a good run of it, but that it was time to part.

i had recently seen this big corkboard in a magazine and fallen in love with it. i did not however fall in love with the price of it.

with that as my inspiration i set out to make my own for $50 or less.

i -- perhaps i'll start saying we since husband was a very integral part in this project -- we started with the plain old peg board. isn't she a beaut!

then we used some industrial strength adhesive to glue the cork on the board. husband doesn't mess around with his adhesives!

after letting the adhesive cure, we covered the board in duck cloth. i cut the cloth down to size.

then we stapled it with the staple gun. yes, i know you didn't get to see the fun stapling process, but i would hold the fabric tight and husband would staple. it took all of our hands. 

after that we flipped the board over and stuck the furniture tacks around the edges. what? no pictures? no, i was too busy being incredibly picky about the spacing of the tacks to pick up the camera. then it all went out the window 'cause i was tired of standing.  so, what you will want to do is space out your tacks, then come back with a hammer and tap them into the board.

after we stuck the tacks around the edges we secured a heavy duty picture wire to the back for hanging it on the wall.

after that we hung it on the wall and i used some more furniture tacks to start hanging my necklaces. 

and there you have it, folks! that's it. it's that easy. i haven't made it completely through seymore yet, but i'm working on it.

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