Tuesday, January 3


confession: while typing the title to this post i was totally singing the song from "fiddler on the roof" -- yes, i am a nerd.

this year, i'm excited to start a new tradition (can you start a new tradition -- or does it have to take place at least two or more times to become a tradition?) for the first day of the new year. since life is changing so much and partying isn't really my cup of tea anymore, i decided this would be a perfect start for something new.

so, on January 1 from now on, we will get up while the stars are still twinkling at us. we will purchase a warm (preferably caffeinated) beverage and donuts.

we will take a little drive to a nice vantage point. we will watch the first sunrise of the new year.

(excuse the poor quality. blogger is not being my friend today)

This year our friends Ryan and Amanda got in on the action too. I think this will be a great tradition. We are even talking about trying to do it at a different location each year.

What are some of your holiday traditions?

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