Wednesday, January 18

random ramblings

- if you forget your wedding ring when you are six months pregnant you will get dirty looks. i know it is 2012, but apparently the rest of the south does not. it's like when a girl sees a hot guy - our eyes go immediately to that fourth finger on that left hand. when someone sees a bump - their eyes go immediately to that fourth finger on that left hand.

- husband's car makes a lovely little ding sound, about 5 minutes into driving, when it is around freezing temperatures outside. no matter how many times i hear it, it still scares the crap out of me.

- i hate syrup. despise it really. yet last night all i wanted for snack were some waffles with lots of butter and syrup. husband would not indulge this craving with a trip to the store though.

- a stranger in the store chatted me up about my baby bump the other day. and by chatted me up i mean argued with me over whether it was a boy or girl. i mean what do you really say? the conversation ended with her saying, "well i guess there could be two in there." no, i'm pretty sure that would've been caught by now, but thanks for informing me of how large i am.

-i loved watching the face of the man sitting next to me at a conference on monday as baby petree was kicking and squirming around. his eyes got so wide and his mouth was agape! I laughed and said it's completely normal, but he continued to look at it in that i'm-totally-freaked-out-but was-also-just-caught-staring-at-this-stranger's-belly face. yeah, surely you know that face.

-doing a press conference when you sound like kermit the frog (head cold) is miserable for you - highly entertaining for your coworkers.

- i love feeling baby petree move more than anything else in the world right now. it never fails to bring a smile to my face or a little giggle out loud.

-no what i don't love? almost peeing my pants every time i sneeze. yep, that's right, i said it. oh the little bonuses of pregnancy that nobody talks about. well, i'm breaking girl code. you can expect a lot more of those lovely tidbits from me.

-last but not least, it's wednesday! we are halfway through another week. smile!

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