Monday, January 23

our weekend in 3

another weekend has flown by. man, i wish they were longer! i never seem to get everything i want to get done, done.  so, here are three pics to sum up our weekend.

1. saturday was spent shopping for fabrics to go in the nursery.

2. saturday night we went to a small gathering for a 30th birthday. i decided pizza dip would be a the perfect dish to take. read: it was super fast and easy to make. i do believe it was a hit though!

3. the majority of sunday was spend lounging in bed watching tv. ponca, our dog, seems to think the tv is a small window and that she must guard it from the animals on the other side of the window.


  1. you have beautiful taste. those fabrics look lovely.

  2. Thank you, Lisa! Your blog is so cute!


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