Saturday, November 28

Hey! I am still here!

So, I have really been slacking off lately in the blog area. Actually, if it doesn't have to do with work or is something that absolutely MUST be taken care of, it has gotten pushed off. So I suck and that is that. But, I am making a serious effort to get better and back on track with life! I am just going to post a lot of pictures in this post. Why? Because I love pictures and don't feel like typing. (I am just not feeling witty today. :( )

These are from the reopening of the bar at Ruth's Chris. It was an open bar, but all donations went to the Center for Nonprofits. We went with our main "crew" and had a blast! We have given each couple a nickname out of sheer laziness! So, Tony and I have become Tulie, Cody and Kristine are now known as Codine, and Amanda and Ryan are Randa. Yes, I am aware of how dorky we are. :)

Tony in his model pose! Love it!

The girls lookin' SMOKIN'!



The first hog game of the season!


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